Semaine européenne de la démocatie locale
You are reading the edition 2015 "Living together in multicultural societies: respect, dialogue, interaction"
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Sweden Sweden

12-Star City

12-Star City City of Huddinge

Huddinge is the second largest municipality in the county, located in the South of Stockholm City. With over 106,000 residents, Huddinge is in a unique position in terms of its proximity to the heart of the capital and its access to extensive, easily accessible ... Read more »

12-Star City FALUN

Active Citizenship and participatory democracy are key concepts when it comes to making society function efficiently in the 21st century. A modern representative democracy is based on the rule of law, the delegation of limited powers through elections and the direct ... Read more »


Sundbyberg is the most densely populated municipality in the country and yet, it is near to green areas, lakes, parks and enchanting cafés. Our modern office buildings with their fibre-optic networks, share the same area as restaurants and wooden manors from the ... Read more »

Partner cities


Södermöre municipal district is a rural part of Kalmar municipality. City of Kalmar. Kalmar is a city in Småland in the south-east of Sweden, situated by the Baltic Sea. It had 37,286 inhabitants in 2013 and is the seat of Kalmar Municipality. It is also the capital ... Read more »