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Partner cities


Located in the Region of Thessaly in Central Greece, the urban environment of Farkadona includes small cities and villages while its natural environment includes Mountains, plains, small forests and several rivers. The Local authority has several Main Goals such as: collaborate and exchange experiences with European partners, activate the civic participation in European and local democratic processes, protect cultural and environmental heritage, encourage youth entrepreneurship, support the mobility of people, ideas and intercultural contact.

Partner associations

The Network of Youth Engagement in Katerini

The Network (“το δΙΚΤΥΟ_”) is an open group of 50 young students that exchange views, converse and trying to prepare proposals and ideas for their hometown Katerini. Katerini, like many provincial towns, faces the problem of youth unemployment, but it does not adopt any progressive solutions to create a more sustainable future. On the other hand, the existing social problems create further obstacles to the inclusive economic and political participation of young people in their municipality’s issues. The network is an action, which intends to develop into a social organization for young people of this city, promoting the youth work and social participation.