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"More Modern Büyükçekmece, Happier People from Büyükçekmece"

Büyükçekmece Municipality was established as a township. Büyükçekmece has been well-known of it’s agricultural and touristic potential. It showed a huge development in 1980s and it’s population ... Read more »


Karşıyaka  is a district of İzmir Province in Turkey. It is part of the Greater Metropolitan Area of İzmir, in other words a metropolitan district, the second largest after Konak in terms of population, and it is almost entirely ... Read more »


Ortahisar is the biggest town of Trabzon with its population, 306.286. After the local elections on 30.04.2014, our municipality has started to serve. Lawyer Ahmet Metin GENÇ, our mayor, has initially adopted participatory democracy while defining the vision and mission ... Read more »

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