Semaine européenne de la démocatie locale
You are reading the edition 2013 "Active citizenship at the grassroots level – voting, sharing, participating"
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Partner cities


Chemnitz as a "City of Modernity" is a town with many faces. The third largest city in Saxony with about 242.000 inhabitants possesses modern architecture drawing a line to jewels of classical modernism. Art and culture are modern: in earlier times with the expressionist artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, who was born in Chemnitz, or the Bauhaus school's icon Marianne Brandt. The Gunzenhauser Museum is today home of around 2.500 artworks of classical modernism. Going one's own way, a new way of thinking and do unusual things, makes the city and its people successful. For example the first mild detergent were invented here.

Partner associations

Advisory Board for Migration and Integration of Trier

Since 1994, the Advisory Board for Migration and Integration of Trier stands up for the interests of foreigners and immigrants. Currently, over 8,000 foreigners and a far greater number of people with an immigrant background live in Trier.

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