Semaine européenne de la démocatie locale
You are reading the edition 2014 "Participatory democracy: sharing, proposing, deciding"
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12-Star City

12-Star City Association of the City and the Municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region

The Association of the City and the Municipalities of the BrusselsCapital Region is a non-profit organisation established and managed by the local authorities within the Region and aimed at providing them with services.

Partner cities


Located just a few minutes from the center of Brussels, Berchem-Sainte-Agathe offers its 23,656 residents and visitors a friendly lifestyle and working space. The testimonies of its rural past, old trees, parks and natural areas present it as a green town in the Region ... Read more »


With its 6 000 hectares and 18 000 inhabitants, Comines-Warneton strives to be an "Open City" for all. 

Its isolation is a source of local solidarity and team spirit to defend social and economic cohesion in its Walloon and Franco-Belgian hinterland.