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Albania Albania

12-Star City

Municipality of Kamëz

Kamza Municipality, as a new municipality, was mainly created after 1990, mainly as a result of people migration from other cities or towns of Albania, who decided to live in Kamza city. This city is located only 7 Km far from the Capital of Albania, Tirana, and now as a result of the Administrative Territorial Reform, the former Paskuqan Commune territories has been added to Kamza Municipality and now population is more than 160,000 inhabitants and an area of 40.357 Km2. The geographic position of this city is more than advantageous to bringing the innovation to the development of domestic and foreign business for the fact that it is geographically located in the strategic triangle: Tirana, the capital of Albania, - "Mother Teresa" Albanian International Airport - Sea Port of Durres, the largest port of Albania. Kamza Municipality has established collaboration steps with foreign municipalities, in the framework of cooperation and experience exchange, to reach contemporary partnership levels, to undertake projects in support of the development of Kamza in technical, cultural, environmental, or business areas. Twinnings with other international cities have served not only in terms of cooperation between institutions and communities of both cities, but also achieving standards at local government levels in European integration processes and beyond.