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12-Star City

City of Fastiv

Fastiv - a city regionally known and  a regional center- is located on the heights of PreDnipro  over river Unava (Irpin’s branch).  The first time Fastiv's name was mentioned  was in a 1390’s chronicle. Nevertheless,  there is  ... Read more »

City of Vasylkiv

Situated on the Stuhna River in the Kyiv OblastVasylkiv is a beautiful Ukrainian city with a long and compelling history. Today, the city serves as the administrative centre of the Vasylkivskyi Raion (district). It enjoys picturesque surroundings and a ... Read more »


Kharkiv is a 1.5 million multinational city where over 100 ethnic groups have been living peacefully together since the early days of its creation,  jointly contributing to the development of their beloved Motherland.   Numerous local diverse communities have their registered cultural associations in Kharkiv, which organize festivals, cultural days, concerts, exhibitions in close co-operation with city authorities. Such events always attract huge attention of all the citizens of Kharkiv. Our city is also home to many multinational and intercultural NGOs which organize all-city events to promote intercultural tolerance.

Partner cities

Mena's city council

MENA is centre of Mena's district, Chernihiv region, located on the banks of the river Mena. The city of MENA is located in Northern Ukraine in the Chernihiv region 66 km from the regional center of Chernigov, and 60 km from the border with the Russian Federation. ... Read more »


The city serves as the administrative center of the Vasylkivskyi Raion’s district. It enjoys picturesque surroundings and a stunning riverside location that only adds to its appeal. Vasylkiv is one of those cities that is so old that the exact founding date of the original settlement is unknown. It seems to pre-date most written records, but it must have been in existence by the early 10th century. The surrounding area has well over 1000 years of history and since Vasylkiv is a part of this, the town likely has just as long a history as the region.

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