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Admistration Velikiy Ustuyg municipal district

The administrative center of the district is the city of Veliky Ustyug. The city of Veliky Ustyug was founded in 1147. The head of the Velikiy Ustuyg municipal district is Mr. Kuzmin Alexander Vladimirovich.

City administration of Krasnodar

Municipality of Krasnodar (before 1920 - Yekaterinodar) is the administrative, industrial, business and cultural centre of the Krasnodar Territory. Founded by the Cossacks in 1793, the administrative centre of the Krasnodar Territory - the city of Krasnodar - is the largest industrial, transport, commercial, scientific and cultural centre of the South of Russia.

Vologda city

Vologda was founded in 1147 . It is located in the heart of the northwestern part of Russia. Vologda is the administrative, industrial and cultural center of the Vologda region. It is a treasure trove of Russian traditions and home to amazing crafts and trades. The city is located on the banks of the river with the same name. Today the population of our city is 319 thousand people. Significant economic, financial, labor and cultural potential of the region is concentrated in Vologda. IN 2020 we have taken the strategic course "EcoVolgogda: A City of Green Economy and a Green Place to Live with the Principles of Sustainability." We have environmentally friendly raw materials, developed environmentally friendly production of food and processing industry, production of trolleybuses, as well as large companies of "green economy". The year 2021 is officially declared the Year of Ecology in the city. we conduct purposeful work in all spheres: the city's eco-infrastructure, eco-economics, and socio-ecological activities.