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Partner cities


The City of Pančevo is located in South Vojvodina in the Republic of Serbia, at the confluence of the Tamiš and the Danube rivers, on the boundary of the Pannonian Basin. It is the economic, cultural and administrative centre of South Banat and one of the most important industrial centres in the Republic of Serbia. With its nine surrounding villages, the city area covers 756 km2. Pančevo is just 18 km away from Belgrade and 38 km away from the Nikola Tesla International Airport. Its ethnically diverse population comprises 123,414 inhabitants, the majority of whom are ethnic Serbs.

Partner associations

Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia

Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) is the place for gathering, discussing common issues and problems, and formulating and representing joint interests of local self-government units. SCTM constantly works on processing of defining strategic directions and adopting regulations important for local self -governments, co-operation and twinning of local authorities in both national and international contexts,keeping members, partners and the public informed about all issues of importance for local self-government.