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Municipality of Bijelo Polje

Located in the northeast of Montenegro along the main road and the Belgrade-Bar railway, framed on the south by the mountain Bjelasica (2,137 m) and on the north by Lisa (1,509 m), with an area of 924 km2 with 46,051 inhabitants, Bijelo Polje is a traffic, trade and cultural-educational hub of the Montenegrin north. Municipality of Bijelo Polje is adorned with good multinational and multi-religious relations, for which confirmation was obtained in 2003, when Bijelo Polje received the award for "Most Tolerant City in the Southeast Europe ". Bijelo Polje have established a principle that enables the participation of citizens in decision-making. Citizen participation in the process of making plans, programs, public policies and decisions at the local level is one of the basic principles of good governance of the local community. In addition to previous examples of good practice in which we have had the participation of civil society and citizens in processes that are important for the municipality, the institute of free chair was introduced in which NGO representatives can participate in municipal assembly sessions. Municipality has also recently launched an application for citizens to participate in the creation of the local capital budget

Municipality of Niksic

Niksic is the second largest town in Montenegro, and the Municipality of Niksic as the largest one in Montenegro, covers an area of 2065 km2, which presents 14,95% of its territory and has more than 70000 inhabitants. The local government has a mayor, a president of the assembly, 2 vice presidents, as well as 17 bodies operating in various fields. In the Municipality of Nikšić, there are several mechanisms for involving citizens in the decision-making process. (Initiatives, public debates, meetings, petitions, assembly of citizens...) Also, representatives of NGOs use the "institute of free chair", in order to take part in the sessions of the Assembly.