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Kentsel Gelişim Derneği

« Kentsel Gelişim Derneği » takes part in the European Local Democracy Week - a paneuropean event coordinated by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe - as « Partner association »

“Kentsel Gelisim Dernegi” is a non-governmental organization that aims to create social opportunities for young people and adults to expand their horizons, strengthen their self-esteem, support learning and personal development since 2014 in Malatya City and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. In Malatya, the work of non-governmental organizations engaged in local and national dialogue with local government and other public institutions. The NGO focuses on youth awareness, education, community information on the European dimension, citizenship to build consciousness with social, cultural and educational support.

The contents of this web page are published under the responsibility of Kentsel Gelişim Derneği www.keged.org.tr


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