Turkey Turkey Municipality of Buca (Buca Belediyesi)

Municipality of Buca (Buca Belediyesi)

« Municipality of Buca (Buca Belediyesi) » takes part in the European Local Democracy Week - a paneuropean event coordinated by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe - as « Partner city »

Buca district, located 9 kilometers southeast of İzmir, is located on the southern foothills of Mountain Nif. A municipality was established in Buca in 1923 and became a district with the law that entered into force in 1987. Its acreage is 134 km2. Buca, although Turkey's Izmir is one of the metropolitan districts depending on the province, is also the most populous county with the population. The population is 510.695.

ELDW citizens participation activity

Philosophy, Science, Nature and Art Camp in English with High School Students

Buca Municipality Scouting and Outdoor Sports Center
From 09/08/2020 to 09/08/2020

Workshop on Existence in the Digital World and Civil Society

Buca municipality youth center
From 09/07/2020 to 09/07/2020

"Movie Time" for Roma Children

From 04/09/2020 to 04/09/2020

Science Camp

Buca Municipality Scouting and Outdoor Sports Center
From 04/10/2020 to 04/10/2020

Digital career opportunities

buca municipality youth center
From 03/07/2020 to 03/07/2020

Disabled Dance and Singing Activity

Buca Municipality Disability Center
From 16/09/2020 to 22/09/2020

6th Balkan Panorama Film Festival

Buca Municipality
From 15/10/2020 to 15/10/2020

Activity referring to the leading theme "Local democracy: building trust"

ELDW Participation

Buca municipality
From 02/07/2020 to 02/07/2020

European Local Democracy Week Kite Festival

Buca Municipality
From 25/10/2020 to 25/10/2020

Volunteer Participation Platform

Buca Municipality
From 10/10/2020 to 13/10/2020

Communication campaign

European Local Democracy Week Promotion Campaign

Buca district
From 15/10/2020 to 29/10/2020

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