Semaine européenne de la démocatie locale
Sweden Sweden Huddinge The suburbs in the media

« Huddinge » takes part in the European Local Democracy Week - a paneuropean event coordinated by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe - as « 12-Star City »

The suburbs in the media

boussole UngZon Flemingsberg Röntgenvägen
date From 12/10/2016 to 12/10/2016


In the media outlying suburbs (and sometimes inner cities) are associated with problems and crime. Reporting is influenced by prejudices and misunderstandings - but how and why? Who writes about the suburbs and from what angle do they look at the problems? Who is allowed to voice their opinion and who never has the opportunity to do so? How can we use the media to change the image of the suburbs?


“Young Media” will be on site with materials from 15.00 onwards and workshops and discussions with guest speakers will take place from 18.00 to19:00.

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