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12-Star City


Metz is a city in the northeast of France located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers. Metz is the capital and the prefecture of both the Lorraine region and the Moselle department.

Located near the tripoint along the junction of France, Germany, [......]


Strasbourg is a city in eastern France on the left bank of the Rhine. It is the capital of the Alsace region and of the département of Bas-Rhin. The city has been the seat of the Council of Europe since 1949, the European Parliament since 1992 and the European Court of Human Rights in the Human Rights Building since 1998, earning it the titles of “European Capital” and “Capital of Europe”. In terms of the number of people living within the city itself, Strasbourg is the largest municipality in the Grand Est region of France and the seventh largest in France. It is one of the main economic centres in the north east of the country.

Partner cities


Located at the heart of Saône-et-Loire, Sanvignes is a municipality of 4,400 inhabitants situated in the department of Saône-et-Loire in Southern Bourgogne.

Val-De-Marne, Department

In Ile-de-France Region, Val-de-Marne is composed of 47 municipalities. The confluence of the Seine and the Marne naturally makes it a département of water. It's one of the smaller French departments in area. On 10 July 1964, a law decreed the creation of new départements [......]

Partner associations

ALDA - the European Association for Local Democracy

The European Association for Local Democracy is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at local level. ALDA focuses on activities that facilitate co-operation between local authorities and civil society.    Established at the initiative of the Council of Europe's Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, ALDA has been operating in the European Union and in its Neighbourhood since 1999

Assembly of European Regions (AER)

The Assembly of European Regions (est.1985) is the largest independent network of regions in the wider Europe. Bringing together more than 250 regions from 35 countries and 16 interregional organisations, AER's mission is to promote the principle of subsidiarity and [......]

Conference of INGOs

The voice of civil society is heard at the Council of Europe thanks to the Conference of International Non-governmental Organisations (INGOs). Since the introduction of consultative status for INGOs in 1952, the Council of Europe has developed even closer and fruitful [......]

French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (FACEMR)

The AFCCRE is a national association established in 1951 under the leadership of a number of local councilors, foremost among them Jacques Chaban-Delmas are Gaston and Defferre. At the origin of the twinning movement in Europe after the Second World War, AFCCRE has gradually [......]