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We’re growing a stronger local democracy in Kirklees, from the ground up. Our work is based on the learning and recommendations of the Kirklees Democracy Commission. We explored what a vibrant local democracy should look like - for the next generation and beyond - by listening to and learning from our citizens. Our report 'Growing a Stronger Local Democracy' is based on a year of evidence-based research and debate, involving over 1,000 people. Based on what we have learned from our citizens and others, we made 48 recommendations for strengthening local democracy in Kirklees. We have since made active citizenship a shared strategic priority and have involved almost 10,000 citizens in activities to shape their local place. We have also established a pioneering Democracy Friendly Schools programme to help children and young people learn about - and be an active part of - local democracy. We’re working with engaged citizens, harnessing digital technology and culture, helping people to understand the councillor role and to connect with their councillors, improving decision making and electoral engagement, and giving local people a voice in regional devolution.