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Sweden Sweden

12-Star City


Örebro is a beautiful town in the very heart of Sweden. The population of about 135 000 makes it the seventh largest town in the country. Among the residents are immigrants from around 150 different countries.

With its closeness to Stockholm (200 km), Gothenburg [......]


Sundbyberg is the most densely populated municipality in the country and yet, it is near to green areas, lakes, parks and enchanting cafés. Our modern office buildings with their fibre-optic networks, share the same area as restaurants and wooden manors from the [......]

Partner cities


Gislaved is a municipality located in the southwest of Småland and belongs to Jönköping County. It has 29 000 inhabitants. We are known for our stunning natural beauty, good living environment and an amazing array of cultural and recreational active varieties. [......]

Hässleholms Kommun / Europe Direct Hässleholm

The Municipality of Hässleholm is a municipality in the southern part of Sweden. A Swedish Multicipality is built up by general elections to a municipal assembly. Under the municipal assembly is the municipal executive committee which is led by the Mayor/Chair of the [......]


Huddinge is the second largest municipality in the county, located in the South of Stockholm City. With over 106,000 residents, Huddinge is in a unique position in terms of its proximity to the heart of the capital and its access to extensive, easily accessible nature areas.Besides a fantastic countryside, Huddinge also has a wealth of cultural and leisure activities to offer. We have modern sports facilities, popular cultural events, a vibrant recreational scene and plenty of meeting places for young and old. This combination appeals to many, and is one of the reasons why Huddinge is developing and expanding at a rapid pace.


Södermöre municipal district is a rural part of Kalmar municipality. City of Kalmar. Kalmar is a city in Småland in the south-east of Sweden, situated by the Baltic Sea. It had 37,286 inhabitants in 2013 and is the seat of Kalmar Municipality. It is also the capital [......]