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Municipality of Moschato

The municipality of Moschato-Tavros with a population of 50.000 inhabitants is situated at the South Sector of the Region of Attica. It is part of the Athens-Piraeus territorial unit, which represents the main area of concentration of population and activity. The Municipality of Moschato - Tavros is inscribed in the above framework and chooses to invest primarily in energy actions; namely, energy saving, promoting greater energy efficiency and saving technologies, use of energy from RES. The “productive landscape” of Moschato -Tavros includes manufacturing and brownfields and at the same time the principal land use is residence (mainly in the area of Moschato) sustaining imbalances in terms of spatial socio-economic cohesion and environmental quality internally. Mr Efthimiou , the Mayor, is a signatory official of the Covenant of Mayors and within this framework an energy community is created and is committed to work at a long term towards the implementation of tis Municipal Energy Plan and consequent Energy poverty contingency actions both for the area of Moschato and Tavros.