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Greece Greece

12-Star City


Chania is a city in western Crete, Greece, in the department of the same name. This is the second largest city on the island, with about 55,000 inhabitants.


The Municipality of Festos is a consolidation of three former municipalities Zaros Timbaki and Mires, it has a rich cultural reserve, significant agricultural production, but also sites of high beauty. Its headquarters are located in the town Mires and historic capital [......]

Partner cities


The new Municipality of Domokos includes the former municipalities of Domokos, Xyniada and Thessaliotida which are now designated as Municipal Units. The seat of the municipality is the local community of Domokos which is built like an amphitheatre in a panoramic [......]

Municipality of Skydra

The municipality of Skydra is located in the department of Pella in the Northern part of Greece and has 21.200 inhabitants.It is a significant agricultural,commercial and export center of fruits, mainly peaches.

The City of Athens Ombudsman

The City of Athens Ombudsman is an independent authority acting within the structure of the Athens Municipality. The Ombudsman examines complaints of directly affected citizens/companies for maladministration of the municipal agencies and mediates with the aim of resolving [......]