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Greece Greece

12-Star City


Chania is a city in western Crete, Greece, in the department of the same name. This is the second largest city on the island, with about 55,000 inhabitants.

Partner cities


Situated at the west part of Attica Prefecture, 8 klm far from Athens, Ilion is among the largest municipalities of Greece both in terms of size and population. According to the 2011 census our population stands at 85.000 residents, with a 10% share of European citizens [......]


Iraklio Attikis is located in the suburbs of Athens. 

Municipality of Skydra

The municipality of Skydra is located in the department of Pella in the Northern part of Greece and has 21.200 inhabitants.It is a significant agricultural,commercial and export center of fruits, mainly peaches.

Partner associations

Forum for Intercultural Dialogue & Learning

The Forum on Intercultural Dialogue and Learning is a network of university departments, schools, academics, researchers, teachers, technocrats and state agents which discusses social inclusion, learning and citizenship education through intercultural circles dialogue [......]