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"More Modern Büyükçekmece, Happier People from Büyükçekmece"

Büyükçekmece Municipality was established as a township. Büyükçekmece has been well-known of it’s agricultural and touristic potential. It showed a huge development in 1980s and it’s population [......]

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The total population of Lüleburgaz is based on the exact population determination results of 2018 (147,325). This (115.000) is in the district center and (31.660) is in the towns and villages. This population (51%) is females (49%). The population growth rate is well above the country average and the increase is mainly due to intensive migration from other regions and from the villages.

Partner associations

Association for Promoting Local Participation

The mission of our association is to have a “City Council” established, which already should have been founded on the basis of the instructions of the law on Municipalities in Turkish legislation (Nr.5393, Article 76) enacted in July 2005.

The City Council, as the [......]