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Partner cities


Chemnitz the “European City of Culture 2025” is a town with many faces. It is the third largest city in Saxony with approximately 245 000 inhabitants. Art and culture are integral parts of the city’s history. As an old industrial town, the city was named the„Saxon Manchester“ and in the 20th Century a key international player in mechanical and locomotive engineering. Chemnitz is often not perceived on a national and European level. However, this will change with the nomination as Capital of Culture. It is now all the more important that the people of Chemnitz also participate in shaping the future of their city. This can be done by participating in online citizens' offices, citizens' consultation hours with the mayor or surveys often simply from home.

Partner associations

Advisory Board for Migration and Integration of Trier

Since 1994, the Advisory Board for Migration and Integration of Trier stands up for the interests of foreigners and immigrants. Currently, over 8,000 foreigners and a far greater number of people with an immigrant background live in Trier.

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