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Romania Romania

12-Star City

City of Iasi

Iasi City, “the Cultural capital” of Romania, is situated in S-E Europe, in the N-E of Romania, and is the most important city near the border, as it is the eastern entrance gate to the European Union and the capital of the future Euro-region. With a population [......]


Situated in the central area of Dobrogea Highland, in the county of Constanta, at a more or less equal distance between the Danube and the Black Sea, the city of Medgidia is fascinating not only because of its cultural diversity, but also on account of its historical background. It is known first on account of the canal which connects the Danube to the Black Sea. The Canal was built in the former valley of Carasu and inaugurated in 1984. As a result of the rich industrial and agricultural network consolidated in the past, Medgidia is situated in an area of tremendous historic resonance, a fact which has been confirmed by its numerous relics.


Mioveni is a modern, well-organised and prosperous town located in Arges County, Romania. An ancient monastery dated from 1573 in a green forested area and a new modern cathedral located in the middle of the urban area of the town are its main symbols. Local authorities have a clear vision on a common Europe, on democracy and individual liberty. For this reason, and as recognition for its intense activity for promoting European values, our city obtained the European Diploma in 2012, the Flag of Honor in 2013 and the Plaque of Honor in 2019.

Partner cities


Turda – by its old, Roman name, ‘Potaissa’ – is situated at the heart of Transylvania. With a population of about 57.000 inhabitants, harmoniously cohabitating Romanians, Hungarians, and Germans. Turda invites its guests to discover the spectacle of the Salina [......]

Partner associations

European Youth Capital - Cluj-Napoca 2015

Cluj-Napoca is the European Youth Capital in 2015, a title won during a competition open to 49 countries in the European space. For 2015, cities from 12 countries entered the competition. 

The program’s mission is to support youngsters [......]