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12-Star City

City of Reggio Calabria - Metropolitan Area

Reggio is the biggest and the most populated city in Calabria, southern Italy, and is the seat of the Council of Calabrian government. Reggio is located on the "toe" of the Italian peninsula and is separated from the island of Sicily by the Strait of Messina. It is [......]

Mola di Bari

Mola di Bari, more commonly referred to simply as Mola, is a small coastal town located approximately 22 kilometres from the South of Bari in the Southern Italian region of Apulia (Puglia). Mola is home to a large fishing industry that supplies fresh [......]

Partner cities


Alessandria is a city and comune in Piedmont, Italy, and the capital of the Province of Alessandria. The city is sited on the alluvial plane between the Tanaro and the Bormida rivers, c. 90 km southeast of Turin. Alexandria is an important road and railway marshalling [......]


The community, having participated in the 2011 edition of the European Local Democracy Week, made contact with other communities of Mediterranean countries as well as with the countries from which the immigrants who arrive in the town of Cassano originated.  [......]

City of Verona

Verona is a city straddling the Adige river in Veneto, northern Italy, with approximately 265,000 inhabitants and one of the seven chef-lieus of the region. It is the second largest city municipality in the region and the third of northeast Italy. The metropolitan area [......]

Mirano - Province of Venice

Mirano is a small city located in the northwest of the Province of Venice, around 20 km from the lagoon centre, in a crucial position between Venice, Padua and Treviso. The economy of the city is associated with many commercial activities, handcraft companies and factory [......]

Partner associations

Cittalia - European Research Center for Cities and Municipalities (ANCI Research Foundation)

Cittalia – European Research Center for Cities and Municipalities – ANCI Research Foundation (Centro Europeo di Studi e Ricerche per i Comuni e le Città – Fondazione di Ricerche dell’ANCI) is the research foundation of ANCI, the National Association of Italian [......]

Foundation Opera Campana dei Caduti”

The Foundation is presided over by a Regency Council composed of the Regent, the Deputy Regent and ten Councillors. At the Miravalle Pass, the city of Rovereto receives the Bell of the War Dead -  called Maria Dolens - conceived and initiated by the [......]