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12-Star City

City of Reggio Calabria - Metropolitan Area

Reggio is the biggest and the most populated city in Calabria, southern Italy, and is the seat of the Council of Calabrian government. Reggio is located on the "toe" of the Italian peninsula and is separated from the island of Sicily by the Strait of Messina. It is [......]

Partner associations

Association 'Palo 5 Stelle'

The association " Palo 5 Stelle", aims at promoting active citizenship, and encouraging the involvement of citizens of Palo del Colle in public decision-making – using methods of participatory democracy, inspired by the principles of honesty, legality, [......]

Association Dar?ana Teranga

Dar?ana Teranga is a non-profit organisation based in Southern Italy. The association was established as a result of staff's many years’ experience with international projects as well as our work in the area of non-formal and informal education for young and adults’ learners. Over the past 7 years Dar?ana Teranga team has been involved with E.U. Lifelong Learning all over Europe. The aims of the organisation are the following: 1) promote local and global development and integration. 2) welcoming, equality and solidarity. 3) European citizenship in a broad sense. This is because Europe does not only mean belonging to one of the 28 countries that constitute it, but above all it means making other people coming from all over the world feel European citizens. 4) to support and encourage the transnational mobility as a tool for promoting intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding between peoples and exchange among cultures. 5) to support young people in important decisions about their future by acting as career guidance on the job and vocational training field. 6) to cooperate at local, national and international level with other educational and training organizations, institutional bodies, social partners and NGO. Furthermore, Dar?ana Teranga aims to set up a wide international and national partnership network, with Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres, Public and Private Institutions, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and Non-Profit Organizations.