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Partner cities

Strasbourg City

Strasbourg, the European capital, is strategically located in the heart of the Upper Rhine. The City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg are part of the Eurodistrict and are active in many European and international networks.

Partner associations

Un Bout de Chemin

Created in 2009, the Association Un Bout de Chemin aims to raise public awareness of social issues and encourage them to get involved in community life at local level, but also at European level by inviting them to adopt an approach that opens up exchanges between different cultures by offering them travel grants to develop and implement a project on a European subject. As an extension of this approach, which promotes awareness of civic engagement, the Association Un Bout de Chemin, under the label Un Bout de Chemin Editions, publishes books in the form of life stories, travel diaries and plays. Works that reflect a commitment to citizenship. The aim is to encourage readers to question the role - however small - that everyone can play in community life to contribute to a better life together.