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Valongo Municipality

The Municipality of Valongo was born 185 years ago, in 1836, and the history of this 75 square kilometer territory has been broad in its examples of growth and entrepreneurship. Since then, Valongo has been developing a set of very rich and diverse identity brands with a unique profile, which affirm and distinguish the municipality in the Porto Metropolitan Area, highlighting a centuries-old tradition of Biscoito and Regueifa, the art of the Traditional Portuguese Toy , a spectacular tradition of the Festa das Bugiadas and Mouriscadas, the Slate, the Religious Monuments and the beauty of the Santa Justa and Pias Mountains, the main entrance to the Parque das Serras do Porto The Municipality of Valongo's mission is to improve people's quality of life, the performance conditions of all local partners, and the strategic affirmation of all the values ​​of the municipal territory and the purpose of building a municipality centered on people and prepared for overcome the challenges of innovation and modernity, within the framework of sustainable development. To pursue this vision, the City Council of Valongo bases its action on the following values: • Valuing people; • Territorial competitiveness; • Environmental sustainability; • Quality; • Efficiency; • Transparency; • Citizen participation.