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The city of Amadora is one of the 18 municipalities of Lisbon Metropolitan Area and is among the 10 most populous cities of the country. It spans an area of about 24km2, with a population of 175136 residents (census 2011), wich reflects a high population density. It is a multicultural city where people from different ethnicities, nationalities and religions coexist in a peaceful community. Thus, Amadora City Council has developed different strategies to give its citizens the opportunity to interact and participate in the city life through participatory processes so as to promote social cohesion.

Municipality of Cascais

Cascais, a village with 650 years of history, has a tradition of tolerance and pluralism. Our mission and our vocation is to render true public service to all those who were born here, live, work or visit us. A little over 20 minutes from the capital Lisbon, and bordered by a waterfront that opens doors to the endless Atlantic Ocean, has much to show and a participative population, to whom the words voluntary and spirit of mission say a lot. With over 211,000 inhabitants and a territory of 97.4 km2, a third of which is in a Natural Park, Cascais is proud of its treasures and people and its sense of hospitality. Today, as before the pandemic, we offer heritage, history, culture, gastronomy, sport and nature.