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12-Star City

12-Star City Amadora

The city of Amadora is one of the 18 municipalities of Lisbon Metropolitan Area and is among the 10 most populous cities of the country. It spans an area of about 24km2, with a population of 175136 residents (census 2011), wich reflects a high population density. It is a multicultural city where people from different ethnicities, nationalities and religions coexist in a peaceful community. Thus, Amadora City Council has developed different strategies to give its citizens the opportunity to interact and participate in the city life through participatory processes so as to promote social cohesion.

Partner cities

Município do Funchal

An universal and capable City Hall, serving the entire population of Funchal with professionalism, competence and transparency, with cohesive governance and an integrated strategy for the future, which promotes well-being and quality of life, functional autonomy and independence; mental health and social relationships; develops active participation in the various sectors of society; and, it promotes the opportunity of continuous training and new learning.

Municipality of Valongo

The Municipality of Valongo has recently celebrated its 180th anniversary, but the history of this 75 km2 territory - where the cities of Alfena, Ermesinde and Valongo live side by side with the villages of Campo and Sobrado - goes back millions of years to the Paleozoic Era - the trilobites being a legacy of that era. With approximately 100,000 inhabitants, Valongo is strategically located in the Metropolitan Area of Porto (AMP), with excellent accessibility, on the doorstep of the International Airport, the sea port and the second largest city in the country, which welcomes several million tourists per year. Valongo has a rich and diverse identity, with unique regional features that assert and distinguish the district in the AMP, for example age-old tradition of biscuits and Regueifa bread, the art of the Traditional Portuguese Toy, the spectacular tradition of the Festival of the Bugiadas and Mouriscadas, the slate festival, the religious monuments and the beauty of the Santa Justa and Pias hills in the Serras do Porto Park. The Municipality of Valongo is well aware of the unique resources of its area and is now strategically focused on the construction of a qualified, balanced and catalytic territory, prepared to welcome investment and promote the establishment of people.

Partner associations

Lisbon Youth Center- With the Quality Label of CoE, untill 2022

The Lisbon Youth Centre (CJL), located on the Portuguese Sport and Youth Institute (IPDJ) facilities in Lisbon, Parque das Nações, is a place with its own characteristics, for the development of activities in non-formal education field, information to youth and international cooperation. It is an educational laboratory for the development of quality standards for youth work and a focal point for youth policy development in innovation, in which young people have high-level educational support, physical spaces to streamline their projects and accommodation facilities. It is also a privileged place where young people can get all the information about the other Council of Europe (CoE) sectors, as well as other European information platforms.