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City of Krusevac

Krusevac, once a medieval Serbian capital, today represents administrative, culture, education, informative, and sports centre of Rasina District. The city has 127,429 citizens who live both in urban and rural area. Krusevac, the city of rich tradition and age’s old history, is situated in the central part of Serbia, at the crossroad of communications that have always intersected the Balkans and connected its marginal parts. Rasina District is a true treasury of historic monuments, and with its beautiful nature it is a very desirable tourist destination, appealing to all travel lovers. Ribarska Banja Spa, rightfully called the “royal spa”, is 30 km away from Krusevac. After an interesting sightseeing of the town you can relax in the healing waters of the Spa’s wellness center. Still, if you are a nature lover, you can visit Jastrebac, the most forested mountain in this part of Europe, and enjoy unforgettable moments in this gorgeous surrounding.