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City of Skopje

Тhe City of Skopje is a public organization and an administrative unit which enjoys a particular status granted by law. The City of Skopje is divided into 10 municipalities in its jurisdiction. The City of Skopje is a separate kind of local self-government led by the Mayor, Ms. DanelaArsovska, settled with a separate Law for City of Skopje. The city has its own administration that is responsible for organizing and performing the necessary tasks to comply with the competences and responsibilities of the city. Pursuant to Article 3 of the Decision on the internal organization, The City of Skopje is presently comprised of 703 employees engaged in 20 different departments (Financial Affairs Department, Legal Affairs Department, Local Economic Development Department, Spatial Planning and Organization Department, Communal Affairs Department, Traffic Department, Public Activities Department, Education Department, Environmental Protection Department, Department for International Cooperation and Cooperation with NGO’s and Foundations International cooperation unit, Information Technology and Modernization Department, Department for Support of the Mayor, Sector for Support of the Council of the City of Skopje, General Affairs Department, Department of the Inspectorate of the City of Skopje, Internal Audit Department, Unit for Protection and Rescue). The City of Skopje has also 8 public enterprises and 8 public institutions under its authority as an extension of the executive branch that are important for the implementation of the annually planned programmes and activities.

Municipality of Aerodrom

Aerodrom is a municipality in the north part of Republic of Macedonia. Aerodrom is the name of the settlement where the municipal seat is found. Aerodrom municipality is part of Skopje statistical/administrative region of Macedonia. Aerodrom municipality is part of City of Skopje wider administrative area in the Skopje region. The population of the Aerodrom municipality is 77,735 citizens.

Municipality of Bitola

Municipality of Bitola is a grand old town, nicknamed “City of Consuls”, with a territory that covers the city of Bitola and 65 villages around it. It has a population of 85164 citizen and surface area of 794,53 square km. Municipality of Bitola is located in the far southwestern part of the country and is a part of Pelagonia Statistical Region. Administratively, the city of Bitola is the seat of the Municipality of Bitola, but also the main regional center for the southwest region of the country and the largest city center in the Pelagonia valley. The municipality is a unit of local self-government where the citizens realize their rights of local self-government directly and through the representatives in its organs.