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12-Star City


Ivano-Frankivsk is the city of European economic prospects, democratic beliefs, fine youth initiatives and pragmatic business reforms. Ivano-Frankivsk is the city that successfully implements international projects, funded by EU, UNDP, USAID, etc. Its ‘Triumph Trophy’ [......]


Kharkiv is a 1.5 million multinational city where over 100 ethnic groups have been living peacefully together since the early days of its creation,  jointly contributing to the development of their beloved Motherland.   Numerous local diverse communities have their registered cultural associations in Kharkiv, which organize festivals, cultural days, concerts, exhibitions in close co-operation with city authorities. Such events always attract huge attention of all the citizens of Kharkiv. Our city is also home to many multinational and intercultural NGOs which organize all-city events to promote intercultural tolerance.


Melitopol city belongs to the group of southern cities in Zaporozhye region. The city was founded in 1784. Distance to the regional center is 120 km, to the Azov Sea - 50 km. According to the geographical zoning the city is located within the dry steppe subzone of the [......]

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Center of Public Activity "Result"

Non-governmental organisation founded in 2014 to develop initiatives aimed at strengthening democracy and civil society in Ukraine.