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Iraklio Attikis is located in the suburbs of Athens. 


Minoa Pediadas is a rural municipality located in the inland of the Regional Unit of Heraklion, at a distance of about 35 Km southeast of the city of Heraklion, capital of the island of Crete (GR). With a total area of 394.24 sq. km. and population 17,829 inhabitants, is the second with the largest extent and the 4th most populous municipality of the Regional Unit of Heraklion. The Municipality consists of 32 Municipal Districts and 71 settlements. The area is dominated by alternating natural landscapes with valleys filled with olive groves mainly, as well as vineyards. In fact, 93% of its land is used for agricultural purposes and the cultivation of olive groves represents more than 70% of the local employment.

Municipality of Ioannina

Ioannina, capital of Epirus region, is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. The city lies in the middle of a plain, surrounded by mountains of abundant natural beauty. The historic old centre lies trapped within the walls of its castle and the modern city spreads out along Lake Pamvotis, the lake of Ioannina with its picturesque little island, the only inhabited lake island in Europe. Ιoannina endowed with rich historical legendary flourished through the eras becoming an important financial and cultural centre, a legendary metropolis of knowledge, renown since the times of the great Byzantine Empire. Nowadays, the economy of the city has purely urban characteristics determined by the fact that the city is the commercial and administrative centre of the region, as well as by the existence of a university, two hospitals and the fact that Ioannina is a major tourist destination all-round the year. The sustainable urban development, with respect and protection of the natural environment, and the promotion of the city's history and cultural heritage, as factors of enhancing the city’s tourism and competitiveness, are key elements and horizontal major strategic goals of all policy strategies and plans of the Municipality. Also, strengthens citizens involvement with transparency in the municipality’s actions, live transmission of city council’s meeting in YouTube channel, use of platforms that involve citizens’ participation etc. It is also promoting a Municipal Council of Adolescents/ Youths.

Municipality of Palaio Faliro

The municipality of Palaio Faliro is one of the oldest in Attiki, the capital of Greece. It is a coastal town, which focuses on tourism, health services and gastronomy. Over the last two years, the new municipal authorities have made efforts to modernize the towns 's infrastructure thought smart technologies and sustainable practices. Mayor Ioannis Fostiropoulos is heading all these initiatives towards his vision of a smarter, more sustainable and competitive Palaio Faliro. As the Deputy Mayor of European projects and digital governance, Konstantinos Chardavellas will be representing the municipality. He is responsible for the establishment and expansion of free WiFi all over the town, digital tourism, as well as two European projects funded by the EE.

Municipality of Penteli

The Mayor of Penteli is Mrs Dimitra Kechagia. The municipality is part of the Regional Division of Northern Attica and a member of the Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica. Penteli is said to be "The Lung" of Attica. In our Municipality there are suburban forests, groves, squares and parks. A total of 50 acres of organised public spaces, 350 acres of urban green spaces, and 30 acres of organised areas of leisure and sports facilities. Part of the morphology of the Municipality are streams, which, in addition to natural rainwater pipes, are an elongated axis of greenery and free promenade, which cross the urban fabric and provide the possibility of recreation and reconnection with the local natural environment. Both the Penteli-Chalandri stream and Mount Pentelikon are key components of the city’s identity, as they unite the urban with the suburban green and the water element, forming a natural grid that improves the quality of life and the environmental conditions. Therefore, our Municipality, due to its location and morphology, inevitably faces and manages civil protection problems deriving during the summer months from often wild forest fires and during the winter months due to heavy snowfall. Publications: 1.Operational emergency response plan to forest fires with the code name "IOLAOS" of the Municipality of Penteli. 2.Emergency response plan due to snowfall and frost with the code name "VOREAS" of the Municipality of Penteli. 3.Official Exercise on Paper for dealing with the risks due to forest fires "FAETHON 2019". 4.Review of land uses and building conditions according to the directions of the approved GIS. 5.Nomination with case study and an award in the category "Environmental Awareness" of P.E.D.A. (Regional Union of Municipalities of Attica). Projects: •Memorandum of cooperation with the National Observatory of Athens •Memorandum of cooperation with the Institute of Agricultural Sciences •Project no 2018-1-ES01-KA 202-050316 “Safety, fire & design: simulation for fire safety training- safed” Gi polis early warning system. •Cleaning of urban and suburban areas, training of volunteers and employees in crisis management.

Region of Thessaly

The Region of Thessaly occupies the central eastern part of continental Greece with a population of 730.000 inhabitants. It offers services at central and regional level. Regional services includes different themes, ranging from environment and infrastructures to rural development, including transportation and communication. The Region of Thessaly is a regional authority with competencies in nature protection, controls, spatial planning and development, has extensive experience in managing European projects and can coordinate the uptake of scientific knowledge into policy and planning. In the Region are in progress, executed and launched projects amounting to 2 billion euros from all funding programs.