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Municipality of Çiftlikköy

Çiftlikköy is a district municipality of Yalova. Yalova is a city in Turkey with a 240,000 population.The distance between Çiftlikköy and Yalova is only 5kms. With its easy access to the city, Çiftlikköy is one of the most active and attractive districts of Yalova. Istanbul is 1 hour away from Yalova. You can get to Istanbul by usıng the ferry or the highway. The population of Çiftlikköy is about 39,000 and its located in the south of Marmara Sea, therefore, has an amazing beach and beautiful sea views. The history of Çiftlikköy is quite old and its first name in the old days was Pylai. Lots of ruins belonging to theAge and Byzantine Age were found in the region. Çiftlikköy has 1 town, 1 subdistrict and 9 villages