Semaine européenne de la démocatie locale
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12 Star city Chania

« Chania » takes part in the European Local Democracy Week - a paneuropean event coordinated by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe - as « 12-Star City »

Chania is a city in western Crete, Greece, in the department of the same name. This is the second largest city on the island, with about 55,000 inhabitants.

ELDW citizens participation activity

Updating, participating, improving my city, easily and instantly 24 hours a day

boussole Municipal market square
date From 16/10/2017 to 22/10/2017

Event of european dimension

“Mikis Theodorakis” Theatre Awards Ceremony

boussole Old Customs Office
date From 21/10/2017 to 21/10/2017

Communication campaign

‟The case of the three-sided dream”

boussole Centre for Mediterranean Architecture
date From 18/10/2017 to 18/10/2017

Activity referring to the leading theme "Citizens participation, consultation and commitment : for a living local democracy"

Visit to the family home of composer Mikis Theodorakis

boussole Galatas village
date From 22/10/2017 to 22/10/2017

Adopting a Monument

boussole Secondary Schools from the Municipality of Chania
date From 17/10/2017 to 20/10/2017

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12 Stars
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