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Bağcılar Municipality

Bagcılar Municipality was established in 1992 and is a local government serving a population of 748,483. Bagcılar Municipality has developed and implemented its works on methods that facilitate human life since the day it was founded. It has built, realized and organized many service buildings, projects and events for women, children and young people in the district and it is continuing to perform such activities. Also, these groups have their own councils where they can represent themselves.

Konak Municipality

Izmir is the third biggest province of Turkey, with a population of 4.367.251. Located at the geographical centre of Izmir, Konak is also the economic, cultural and historical centre of the city. The district has an area of 24 square kilometres. According to the latest official data, 351.572 people live in the 112 neighbourhoods of Konak. However, due to its status as the transportation, business and entertainment hub, it is estimated that Konak hosts 1.5 million people every day. Konak Municipality was established as the “Central District Municipality” with “Metropolitan Municipalities Law” numbered 3030, published in Resmi Gazete (Official Gazette) on 9 July 1984. The name of Izmir Central District Municipality was changed to “Konak Municipality” on 4 July 1987. On 22 July 1988, Konak Municipality completed its organisation and became operational. Konak Municipality serves its citizens with its 31 directorates and over 2000 personnel working in various fields such as public works, women, children, sports and culture. Currently, Konak Municipality has 15 community centres: 1 centre for senior citizens, 10 sports centres and 4 culture centres.


Zeytinburnu Municipality, Istanbul

Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul became a district in 1957. As of today, it is home to approximately 300,000 citizens. Our district, which aims at a structure in which every citizen is considered and their ideas can be implemented, sees civic participation as a reflection of local democracy. Our vision People are happy to live, feel safe, develop their abilities, and prepare their children for the world of the future; Zeytinburnu, the city of wisdom, art and commerce. Our Mission To families living in Zeytinburnu: To provide a peaceful city life that integrates with the history, culture and economy of Istanbul and shares its wealth and values.