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Ahmetbey Municipality

The history of Ahmetbey dates back to the Thracians, the years between 600-700 BC. Ahmetbey, which was the host of the Thracian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine civilizations, was in a state of condition related to the granary of the Lüleburgaz Episcopal Center in the third century AC. From the early 1800s until 1930, the Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish people lived together in the town of Ahmetbey. Ahmetbey has an important position in the center of the Marmara Region, is neighbouring Istanbul and is 120 kilometres away from Bulgaria and Greece, where the borders of the European Union begin. Ahmetbey Municipality adopts common universal values such as democracy, pluralism, the rule of law, human rights and freedoms, equality between women and men, justice and respect for differences. We believe that the idea of “full solidarity” which is expressed by the founders of European idealism can be provided by “Pan-European” approach in all terms and spreading sense of unity in all dimensions of European continent. Democracy, freedom, human rights and respect for human dignity, solidarity, equal opportunities, gender equality and social justice are all our common values and we must protect these values.


The municipality of Edremit, in Türkiye, is located on the Aegean Coast. With its 34 kms of coastline covered with beaches and crystalline waters overlooking the stunning Gulf of Edremit, this precious center is included in the metropolitan city district of Balikesir. This area is a popular tourist destination for its natural beauties (Mount Ida), archaeological sites (Antandros settlement, necropolis) and Mediterranean typical gastronomy enriched with the renowned Edremit’s olive oil, the main ingredient of the exquisite regional cuisine. The several luxury thermal spas close to Mount Ida make this resort an excellent destination for tourist.

Kadiköy Municipality

Kadiköy is very attractive for local and foreign population with its central location, long coastline and cosmopolitan structure. In addition to social, cultural and sports activities, Kadiköy offers a wide variety of urban activities such as entertainment, recreation and shopping. It is one of the basic principles of Kadiköy Municipality that these activities should be inclusive without excluding any different groups such as age, gender, nationality, disability, class, social status, etc. Special efforts are made for the more active participation of women, children and the elderly from all social strata in social life. The participation of these groups is encouraged in workshops, concerts, sports activities, festivals and excursions. It provides convenience for those who have difficulty in accessing services. Beyond producing inclusive policies, it is another principle of Kadıköy Municipality to develop participatory approaches in the decision-making processes of these policies. During the 5-year Strategic Plan preparation process, neighborhood-based discussions were carried out and planning was made by taking into account the ideas of every segment living, working or socializing in Kadıköy. In this process, the website called Tell Kadıköy was activated and the monitoring/evaluation process of the planned activities became possible. Apart from this, periodic meetings in Talking Kadıköy are held to bring together the municipality administration and the residents of the neighborhood.


The total population of Lüleburgaz is based on the exact population determination results of 2018 (147,325). This (115.000) is in the district center and (31.660) is in the towns and villages. This population (51%) is females (49%). The population growth rate is well above the country average and the increase is mainly due to intensive migration from other regions and from the villages.